Comic-Con was this past weekend and I sadly was unable to attend.

For those unaware, if comics were a religion, Comic-Con would be Mecca. It is by and large, the biggest comic book convention in the entire world and it just celebrated its 40th year. It is where comic book publishers reveal what is in store for the characters in the coming year. It is where writers and artists can share what they have coming up, either with the top publishers or possible some independent works. Aspiring writers and artist can bring samples of their stuff to show publishers what they can do. One of the most sought after awards in comics, the Eisner Award, is presented during the convention. It is also evolving into a place where films are previewed for the masses in order to get the nerd support needed to get the buzz out on upcoming sci-fi/fantasy/action-adventure films. “Star Trek” was previewed last year. James Cameron’s “Avatar” kicked up quite a stir this year. Celebrities have started showing up in droves. Most of the cast of “Iron Man 2” appeared at this year’s con, including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and director Jon Favreau. It is becoming more than a comic book convention; it is becoming the destination of pop culture. If one wants to know what is coming this year, one goes to Comic-Con.

DC Editor-in-Chief, Dan Didio during a DC panel
DC Editor-in-Chief, Dan Didio during a DC panel

But like I said, I was unable to go. My internship here at the Press Democrat, my other job, and just the fact that I am a poor college kid all hindered me from going to Mecca. Hopefully next year if this blog is still going, I can get the Press Democrat to foot the bill. Doubtful, but I refuse to let that dream die. But this brings up a dilemma: how do I write a comic blog and not discuss comic’s greatest event? The answer is quite simple: Fake it. For this post, I’ve pretended that I went to Comic-Con and wrote a fake report on it. I’ve scoured the internet for any and all information on Comic-Con and have compiled my fake experience here, in a series of fake Twitter posts (or Tweets), in order to show just how much is offered to the public at Comic-Con.  The information is accurate (in that the events discussed happened), just my being there in the room to see it is completely false. Let the Tweets begin.

reecetrevor HOLY CRAP! “Heroes” preview trailer. Faith is being renewed in series and DARTH (Ray Park) MAUL is it!

reecetrevor Scarlett Johansson at the “Iron Man 2” panel. I hate Ryan Reynolds so much. @ste.and RDJr really needs to bring back the goatee.

reecetrevor There is a woman dressed as the Joker (The Heath Ledger Joker). I have so many conflicting feelings. Also up to my third Darth Vader sighting. One guy or several?

reecetrevor “District 9” panel just got over. I kind of miss big Peter Jackson.

reecetrevor My goal of meeting Joss Whedon has yet to work out. Not giving up hope.

reecetrevor Conflicted feelings have crept up again. This time about life-size Hugh Jackman statue.

reecetrevor Just saw the first shots of “DC Universe Online.” WoW might have some competition if this is done right.

reecetrevor Two words + Two numbers! LEFT 4 DEAD 2! @thekauker We got a new game for the year

reecetrevor I keep hearing that “Avatar” is gonna be awesome. James Cameron sure takes his sweet time.

reecetrevor Still haven’t seen Joss Whedon, but I’ve seen Tyrese twice

reecetrevor Where are the Eisner Awards being announced? I wanna see if “All-Star Superman” is gonna win.

reecetrevor Emma Stone will be my wife one day. I swear here and now on (fake) Twitter.


reecetrevor Jimmy Fallon is here and dressed weirdly. He has a solar powered crotch. @daknowles Jimmy Fallon, solar powered crotch

reecetrevor Well, “Tiny Titans” won an Eisner for Best Publication of Kids. Been meaning to see what all the buzz is about.

reecetrevor Joss Whedon remains MIA.

reecetrevor “Smallville” panel was awesome. Excited for next year. “Clark’s Darkest Hour” @HilHall I saw Tom Welling. Jealous?

reecetrevor Another DC panel. I wish Dan DiDio would be my BFF. We could have dinner with Geoff Johns every Tuesday. Tuesday is spaghetti night.

reecetrevor I am going to be a Blue Lantern. At least, that is what I am hoping

reecetrevor “Twilight” fans are coming out the woodwork. Avoiding panel at all costs.

reecetrevor A Predator is walking the halls, but the Governator is nowhere to be seen. Must be covered in mud.

reecetrevor Done. Epic day. @OfLarge I’m going Joss Whedon hunting tomorrow.

And thus wraps up my fake day at Comic-Con. There is literally so much to do there. Just scanning news and pictures from the web, it is just a mad house. If you are at all interested in comics/films/tv/books, Comic-Con is the place to be. I’d highly recommend going next year. I’ll be there.

Comic-Con logo taken from official Comic-Con website comic

DiDio photo taken from DC Universe: The Source blog